The Kocent Group Consultants are a team of experienced operators from within the Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Marketing, and Entertainment industry, whose aim is to clearly identify opportunities for greater business efficiency, cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction; as well as, to review the cost effectiveness or competitiveness of a client’s contracts and services. 

We specialize in identifying performance issues affecting such areas as operating cost, service quality, customer satisfaction, value for money, design and marketing, training and development, and can supply a range of solutions from simple reports to guided performance development plans.

We are consultants with proven track records in developing successful businesses, as well as redirecting under-achieving businesses across the hospitality and entertainment sector. Our extensive experience, and our complete independence, puts us in a great position to give you honest, objective and pragmatic advice. 


Over the years we have maintained great relationships with a variety of purveyors, suppliers and other consultants in a variety of industries - increasing the variety of services we can offer, as well as providing our clients with a more cost effective solution. 

If you are thinking of starting a completely new business, or implementing additional/new services to an existing one, or even if you are an established operator that requires a little attention and direction in a specific area, talk to us first, we'd love to help make your next move, your best move.


Business Operations, HR & Recruitment., Graphic & Web Design., Marketing., Branding., Training and Development., Purchasing., Brand Development, Event coordination and production, App Development

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