American craft beer sales volume grew at a double-digit pace in each of the past several years

It is notable that American craft beer, which is the most expensive segment of the beer category, is out-performing the overall market, including imports. This is good news for restaurants looking for ways to increase sales during this national economic slowdown. It just makes good sense to offer more craft beer.


Picking up a new high-end beer from a hot new brewery can help energize your beer list. It offers a new story to tell. It increases customer interest and causes conversation. People tell their friends what they had and where they had it. One such brewery is Tampa’s Cigar City.

The Kocent Group features certified Craft Beer experts that can provide unparalleled education and training at any and every level, can assess your current draft system,  design a new one that will optimize your establishment, and/or advise you on the best selections to add to your list in your area that will attract more guests, and increase profits.


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